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Has Mark Zuckerberg Forgotten About Our Satellite?

I have an unconditional love for Mark Zuckerberg (oh Zuck my man, if you've never heard of him, you may now rest in peace), he's one of our most celebrated Tech Heroes for all his accomplishments and immense contributions to new media and the tech community at large. He's recently taken a philanthropic view with his corporate social responsibility projects at Facebook, Africa included.

He Posted this on his Facebook page on the 5th of October, 2015:

Zuck's Post about Amos-6; Satellite for Africa on the 5th of October
He promised to launch a satellite called Amos- 6 in collaboration with Eutelsat to help beam Internet connectivity to large parts of Africa (especially sub-saharan Africa) so people living in remote regions can equally have access to the internet (and grandma can finally signup on facebook lol).

Space X (a rocket company owned by the batman of Tech; Elon Musk) which was contracted to launch this satellite into space so we can start enjoying "beta Internet",  unfortunately, accidentally destroyed this Satellite during one of their rocket testing procedures that failed, resulting in the rocket exploding with the Satellite attached to it.

Watch Video: 

Mark was in Africa at the time (Nigeria precisely) when this incident occurred, heavily disappointed, he posted this: 

Zuck's comment on the SpaceX Launch Explosion
I personally was very sad of this new development, cause I had very high expectations and so did many others, with many dreams and expectations gone like that KATABOOM! in a single explosion, I was also very disappointed in SpaceX's carelessness, but then again an alternative thought struck me; could this have been a SABOTAGE attempt? after all why should Africa be illuminated and given access to so much Information and connectivity, it's been a pattern which has been on for many centuries.

But on another note, I thought to keep my fingers crossed and hope that it was a genuine mistake and not an attempt to frustrate Mark's efforts which would hopefully be corrected with time and definitely covered by insurance, 'cause Elon Musk won't want to fall my hand like that.

But it's been close to two years since the incidence happened and I've not heard anything from Mark Zuckerberg concerning our Satellite, though there are other technologies like Acquila (a drone-like machine that can beam internet and remotely controlled), but won't be as effective as the Amos-6.

This Leaves me wondering "HAS MARK ZUCKERBERG FORGOTTEN ABOUT OUR SATELLITE?"  I hope for my sake he hasn't and I'll keep waiting and hoping that we'll with time hear a new positive development about it.

We'll one day look and see that our Satellite is being deployed
Thanks all for reading today's blog, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you do see Mark please help ask him what's up with our satellite.


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